Quotes About Dale Murphy

"If you can't be impressed by Murph, you can't be impressed. What really impresses me is how he started out as a catcher a few years back and ends up in center field with a Gold Glove. You've got to appreciate that kind of talent." -- Andre Dawson
"I can't imagine Joe DiMaggio was a better all-around player than Dale Murphy." -- Nolan Ryan
"The best player I've seen since Willie Mays." -- Billy Connors, former Cubs pitching coach
"He's scary. Do they have something above MVP?" -- Russ Nixon, former Reds (and Braves) manager
"Last year he was our league's most valuable player. And this year he may be the most improved player in the league. What does that make him?" -- George Bamberger, former Mets manager
"The guys respect him. He's more than Most Valuable Player - he's the Most Valuable Person." -- Jerry Royster, former teammate
"Just look at him over there. Doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't take greenies, nicest guy you'd ever want to meet, hits the hell out of the ball, hustles like crazy, plays a great centerfield and isn't trying to get anything from anybody... Doesn't he just make you sick?" -- Terry Forster, former teammate
"The only way to stop him is to throw him balls. Throw away, away, away. Even then he might hurt you." -- LaMarr Hoyt
"The guy is just awesome." -- Bruce Sutter
"You can put him in a class with a Mays and an Aaron because he can beat you with his glove, and he can beat you with a home run." -- Joe Torre, former Braves manager
"Dale may be the only guy I know who could call 24 guys in one locker room a good friend." -- Don Sutton
"These days, anytime one of my pitchers keeps Murphy in the ballpark, I pat 'em on the fanny." -- Pete Rose, former Reds manager
"I've never known anyone like him. God only makes one like Dale every 50 years." -- Chuck Tanner, former Braves manager
"People keep looking for words to describe him. Well, there aren't enough good words or words good enough." -- Phil Niekro, former teammate
"There's no doubt he's a great hitter who will get his home runs and RBIs, but the best thing about him is he also plays a great center field. In this age of specialization, when you get some guys who can steal, some who can hit, and some who can field, it's nice to see a guy who can play all the facets." -- Ron Darling
"The guys love Murph. They respect him for what he believes, and he respects them." -- Glenn Hubbard, former teammate
"I don't challenge Murphy, even if he's 0 for 20. Not him, not ever." -- Mario Soto
"He's one of the greatest players in the game on the field and one of the greatest people I've ever known off it." -- Chuck Tanner, former Braves manager
"I'd say he is probably the best all-around player in either league, probably the most valuable . . . in baseball right now (1982)." -- Hank Aaron
"Having Dale means having a chance to win. It's as simple as that." -- Rick Mahler, former teammate
"It would be a different team without him. I don't think there would be too many people watching us play." -- Zane Smith, former teammate

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